Marty ESworthy

Marty ESworthy

Popcorn Jewelry, Hard Nipples, Soft Beer
The arcade, hey, that’s one of the places they got it right.

A housing development made to look like the midway of a seaside amusement park, a place for whores and sailors. Remnants of garish painted signs chipping, and peeling concrete walls. Peelin’ off like kamikaze zeros. Glorioski! Crash like thunder. Like cloud to cloud lightning and a spark that jumps from one cloud to another.

Reminds me of the lake country. The Arcade. You’d swear that you can smell the aerosol of salt and the popcorn and warm beer. Dr-r-rop the coin right into the slot, you’re in another world./ Nipple world. Jungle-ville.

Hung! You can almost smell Wordsworth and his sister. Port town mocking laughter of a malevolent clown–his face clenched in a rigor mortise grin, mantecoso motion mimicking the spasms of botched kill– and dominating the entrance to the narrow arcade. Astride the lake country like a colossus. Ducking warm bodies, greedy for amusement, feed their tokens into the goddamn engines. Wordsworth and his sister grope in a dark corner.

Look at them, I say, in the corner. I have never, have never ever heard such gentleness in my voice. Okay, I am very well, it’s morning. Each morning in the sky of dawn, she bathes. Wordsworth’s sister. She cannot anticipate the future unless she is cleansed before the first ring of the hammer. She removes her blouse and the scarf that maintains her voluptuous hair. It’s going to be a warm day. The hair that launched a thousand bots! Bombs over Tokyo.

Boom! Air explodes when heated suddenly to a high temperature. Like popcorn. Or a small faucet of gold spilling over as she fills a bowl of clay. She splashes conclude water above her head. The dew point rises. She watches outside, signs on a booth proclaim that the future is certain.

She does not flinch or shiver as she pours, her nipples grow hard. She finishes her tune. From a little shelf she picks up a gold comb and combs her hair. Fans in the top of the booth blow her feathered glory dry.

In one corner stands a gypsy-fortune-teller booth. Near Olympus, all thunder is caused by lightning. Confined to the booth is a slender figure with dark hair and golden eyes. Only visible from the waist up, oblivious to the tawdry world outside her box, she shuffles cards and deals them out in precise patterns until someone puts tokens into the coin slot. A mechanical timer counts the seconds she can see and hear the world beyond the glass.

Whoa, she sees Wordsworth!

The bard gives me a handful of tokens and encourages me to force feed them into the coin slot. The first coin clatters into her blouse! Lucy of the golden eyes looks up from her cards and sees us. Ola! She is happy to be free. Leonine and serene, she looks to the sky. I look to her blouse.

Until we pass into a zone of heightened reality. In the new paradigm, I tell her a story. About a little port town. Okay, okay, the arcade, I say, is one of the places they got it right. Listen, a place where sailors and whores laugh at the remnants of garish painted signs chipping and peeling off concrete walls. She looks to the sky, her face clenched in a rigor of seventy smiles. Cloud-to-cloud lightning-sparks over the Mediterranean. The dew point jumps.

Hauntingly reminiscent of the lake country– the arcade. It’s so real. You can almost taste the salt and the popcorn.
An’, Y’Know– Them Drowsy Owls, Nodding, Eyes Half-Closed, Begin/Began to Move Their Tiny Owl Heads and Sway to the Thrusts of the Glacier
Megan took the baobab leaves and gnougou into her pale hands
and lowered her eyes. Behind her– that green state of Wisconsin,
tiered, as it were, with entensive earthworks, mounds and basilicas.

Constructed in the forms of eagles, lemurs, bears and serpents,
she opened her eyes wide. Near and far, small conical mounds
were believed once to have been used as altars. Holy

smoke billowed high into the rise of free cities. Her hour had come!
She knotted her long dress around her middle and began running
at full speed toward the royale enclosure. No, not much.

It is by no means certes that the ice age is over.

Standing by the ocean’s roar, verily, numerous hemispheres
swathed by electric floes of slag. Chill, great lakes.
Yea, after
those words, a quite/ profound silence/ reigned o’er the room of Solomon.



Palindrome: a word or phrase spelled the same backwards and forwards.
From the Greek palindromes which means “running back again, recurring.”

Special thanks to all of you who’ve sent in palindromes so far.
(Sorry I haven’t kept track of names.)



A but tuba.
A car, a man, a maraca.
A dog, a panic in a pagoda.
A lad named E. Mandala
A Santa dog lived as a devil God at NASA.
A slut nixes sex in Tulsa.
A Toyota’s a Toyota.
A Toyota! Race fast, safe car! A Toyota!
A man, a plan, a canal, Panama.
A man, a plan, a cat, a ham, a yak, a yam, a hat, a canal-Panama!
A new order began; a more Roman age bred Rowena.
A nut for a jar of tuna.
A Santa at Nasa.
A six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a six is a…
A tin mug for a jar of gum, Nita.
Able was I ere I saw Elba.
Acrobats stab orca.
Aerate pet area.
Ah, Satan sees Natasha!
Aibohphobia (fear of palindromes)
Air an aria.
Al lets Della call Ed Stella.
Amen icy cinema.
Amore, Roma.
Amy, must I jujitsu my ma?
… and DNA
Anne, I vote more cars race Rome to Vienna.
Are Mac ‘n’ Oliver ever evil on camera?
Are we not drawn onward to new era?
Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era?
Arg! A I.V.? No! Do I? Did… (ahem…) Did I nail Edna? Edna, Lala, Tina, Ardis, Marva, Adela, Diane, Lynne, Pearl, Ora, Cecile, Fanny, Laverne, Eliadia, Rasia, Mary, Meta, Kassia, Radella, Anne, Norah, Sela, Gaia, Mable, Mina, Rae, Barba, Mairi, Manon, Nell, Essa, Lee, Lass, Ellen, Nona, Miriam, Abra, Bea, Rani, Melba, Maia, Gale, Sharon, Enna, Alleda, Raissa, Kate, Myra, Mai, Saraid, Aileen, Reva, Lynna, Felice, Carol, Rae, Penny, Lena, Ida, Leda, Avram, Sidra, Anita Lalande, and Elian? I did? Me?… Ha!… Did I O.D. on Viagra?
Art, name no tub time. Emit but one mantra.
As I pee, sir, I see Pisa!
Avid diva.
Baby Bab
Bar an arab.
Bird rib.
Borrow or rob?
Bursitis Rub
Cain: a maniac.
“Cain, a motor erotomaniac was Eve,” said I as Eve saw Cain, “a motor erotomaniac!”
Camp Mac
Campus motto: Bottoms up Mac.
Capac (MI)
Cigar? Toss it in a can, it is so tragic.
Dammit, I’m mad!
Decaf and DNA faced.
Dee saw a seed.
Degas, are we not drawn onward, no? In union, drawn onward to new eras aged?
Dennis, Nell, Edna, Leon, Nedra, Anita, Rolf, Nora, Alice, Carol, Leo, Jane, Reed, Dena, Dale, Basil, Rae, Penny, Lana, Dave, Denny, Lena, Ida, Bernadette, Ben, Ray, Lila, Nina, Jo, Ira, Mara, Sara, Mario, Jan, Ina, Lily, Arne, Bette, Dan, Reba, Diane, Lynn, Ed, Eva, Dana, Lynne, Pearl, Isabel, Ada, Ned, Dee, Rena, Joel, Lora, Cecil, Aaron, Flora, Tina, Arden, Noel, and Ellen sinned.
“Dennis and Edna dine,” said I, as Enid and Edna sinned.
Dennis, Eve saw Eden if as a fine dew, as Eve sinned.
Dennis sinned.
Dentist? Sit Ned.
Desserts I desire not, so long no lost one rise distressed.
“Desserts, sis?” (Sensuousness is stressed).
Devil never even lived.
Dial Laid
Did Hannah see bees? Hannah did.
Did I cite Operas Are Poetic? I did.
Did I do, O God, did I as I said I’d do? Good! I did.
Did mom pop? Mom did.
Didi won straw warts. Now I did.
Do good? I? No! Evil anon I deliver. I maim nine more hero-men in Saginaw, sanitary sword a-tuck, Carol, I–lo!–rack, cut a drowsy rat in Aswan. I gas nine more hero-men in Miami. Reviled, I (Nona) live on. I do, O God!
Do geese see God?
Do nine men interpret? Nine men. I nod.
Do not bob to nod.
Do, O God, no evil deed! Live on! Do good!
Do offer ref food.
Don’t nod.
Doc, note, I Dissent. A fast never prevents a fatness. I diet on cod.
Dog doo? Good God!
Dog! No poop on God!
Dogma: I am God.
Dogma in my hymn: I am God.
Dr. Awkward
Drat Saddam! Mad dastard!
Drat such custard!
Draw Kwan awkward.
Draw nine men inward.
Draw O Caesar. Erase a coward.
Draw pupil’s lip upward.
Draw Ward
Drawer’s reward.
Drawn, I sit; serene rest is inward.
Drawn onward.
Dubya won? No way, bud.
Dumb mud.
Dump mud.
Ed, I hung a gnu hide!
Egad! A base life defiles a bad age.
Egad! A base tone denotes a bad age.
Egad! An adage!
Egad! Loretta has Adams as mad as a hatter. Old age!
Egad! No bondage?
Elba Kramer saw I was remarkable.
Elite tile.
Elk rap song? No sparkle.
Em to Greg: Gad! A dagger got me!
Emily’s sassy lime
Emu love volume.
Enid and Edna dine.
Ere I saw Elba, able was I ere.
Ergo, a ogre
Erupt on Naomi? I moan, “Not pure!”
Eva, can I stab bats in a cave?
Eva use Suave.
Eve damned Eden. Mad Eve!
Eve saw Diamond, erred. No maid was Eve!
Evi saves God dogs (evasive).
Evil, a sin, is alive.
“Evil axis”, sides reversed, is “six alive”.
Evil did I dwell, lewd I did live.
Evil olive
Evil rats on no star live.
Ew! Eat a ewe?
Flee to me, remote elf.
Gabe’s on a nosebag.
Gaby H.’s art saved Eva’s trashy bag.
Galoots, too, lag.
Gate man sees name, garage man sees name tag.
Glenelg (the name of cities in Ontario, Maryland, and Austrailia)
Gnu dung.
Go deliver a dare, vile dog.
Go dog.
Go hang a salami I’m a lasagna hog.
God! A red nugget! A fat egg under a dog!
God, Art! Name no pup “One Mantra Dog.”
God lived as a devil dog.
God lives, evil dog.
God saw I was dog.
God’s dog.
Goddamn mad dog!
Harpo: not on Oprah.
Harass Sarah.
He did, eh?
He nips; send a man Anan! A madness pin eh?
He won! Killer! Rad Darrell I know, eh?
He won snow, eh?
Hey, Roy! Am I mayor? Yeh!
Hon? I see bees in – OH!
I did, did I?
I made border bard’s drowsy swords; drab, red robed am I.
I, man, am regal; a German am I.
I prefer pi.
I saw a crow, orca was I.
I saw desserts; I’d no lemons, alas no melon! Distressed was I.
I saw Ed under Deb’s bed; red, nude was I.
If I fret, fasten nets after Fifi.
If I had a hi-fi…
I’m a fool; aloof am I.
I’m a lasagna, bang a salami.
I’m a lasagna hog, go hang a salami.
I’m a pup, am I?
I’m a tune nut, am I?
In a regal age ran I.
In words, alas, drown I.
In words, drown I.
In word salad, alas, drown I.
Is it I? It is I!
Kanakanak (a city in Alaska)
Kay, a red nude, peeped under a yak.
Kinikinik (a city in Colorado)
Lag not, Eno! No gong! Get up! Put eggnog on one-ton gal!
Lager, sir, is regal.
Laid at a dial.
Late metal.
Leon’s noel.
Lepers repel.
Let Omro open one poor motel.
Liam’s mail.
Lid off a daffodil.
Lion oil.
Lisa Bonet ate no basil.
Live dirt up a side track carted is a putrid evil.
Live evil.
Live not on evil.
Live, O Devil, revel ever! Live! Do evil!
Llama mall.
Lon Nol (Vietnam)
Lonely Tylenol.
Loops at a spool.
Ma has a ham.
Ma is a madam, as I am.
Ma is a nun as I am.
Ma is as selfless as I am.
“Ma,” Jerome raps pot top, “Spare more jam!”
Mad as Adam.
Madam, I’m Adam.
Madam in Eden, I’m Adam.
Madame, not one man is selfless; I name not one, madam.
Mail Liam
Maps, DNA, and spam.
Marge lets Norah see Sharon’s telegram.
Marge, lets send a sadness telegram.
Margot trades used art to gram.
Max exam.
May a moody baby doom a yam.
Mega gem.
Mirror rim
Mother Eve’s noose we soon sever, eh Tom?
Mr. Owl ate my metal worm.
Murder for a jar of red rum.
Must sell at tallest sum.
My gay rub won, Star. Rats now bury a gym.
My gym.
Nail a tired rotini in it, order Italian!
Naive Evian
Name no one man.
Name not one man.
Name no side in Eden, I’m mad! A maid I am, Adam mine; denied is one man.
Name now one man.
Name tarts? No, medieval slave, I demonstrate man!
Name’s Abel, a male, base man.
Naomi, did I moan?
Nat tan
Nate bit a tibetan.
Navan (a city in Ireland)
Ned! go gag Ogden!
Ned, I am a maiden.
Neil, an alien.
Nella risks all: “I will ask Sir Allen!”
Nemo’s omen.
Never odd or even.
Niagara, eh? I hear again!
Niagara, O roar again!
No demerits tire me, Don.
No devil lived on.
No evil shahs live on.
No, I save on final perusal – a sure plan if no evasion.
No, I tan at a nation.
No, I told Ed “lotion.”
No, it can assess an action.
No, it is open on one position.
No, it is opposed: art sees trade’s opposition.
No, it is opposition.
No, it’s a bar of gold – a bad log for a bastion.
No, it’s Abe Sebastion.
No lemons, no melon.
No, Mel Gibson is a casino’s big lemon.
No, Miss Lianne draws as Warden nails Simon.
No sir! Away! A papaya war is on.
No, Sir, panic is a basic in a prison.
No, son! Onanism’s a gross orgasm sin – a no-no, son!
No, tie it on.
No trace, not one carton.
No “x” in “Nixon.”
Nod off, obese boffo don.
Norma is as selfless as I am, Ron.
Not a banana baton.
Nola’s salon.
Now do I repay a period won.
Now ere we nine were held idle here, we nine were won.
Now I draw an award. I won!
Now I see bees I won.
Now I won.
NOW NO SWIMS ON MON (Upside down).
Nurse, I spy gypsies. Run!
Nurses run.
O Geronimo, no minor ego.
O, stone, be not so.
Oh, cameras are macho.
Oh no! Don Ho!
Olson is in Oslo.
Oozy rat in a sanitary zoo.
Oprah deified Harpo.
Otto made Ned a motto.
Otto sees Otto.
Pa’s a sap.
Pass mom’s sap.
Pets tell Abe ballet step.
Pooh animals slam in a hoop.
Pool loop.
Poor Dan is in a droop.
Pot top.
POW, ami! O’ Gad, ami! Go hang a salami, doc! Note; I dissent. A fast never prevents a fatness. I diet on cod. I’m a lasagna hog. I’m a dago! I’m a wop!
Pull up, Eva, we’re here! Wave! Pull up!
Pull up if I pull up.
Pusillanimity obsesses Boy Tim in All Is Up.
Put Eliot’s toilet up.
Race fast, safe car!
Rae hired Leif as a fielder, I hear…
Rail delivers reviled liar
Rats at a bar grab at a star.
Rats live on no evil star.
Rats paraded a rapstar.
Raw Novel? Lev on War.
Red I.V.? I derail Ali, a redivider.
Red root put up to order.
Renner (a city in South Dakota)
Repel a leper.
Retracting, I sign it, Carter.
Revered now, I live on. O did I do no evil, I wonder, ever?
“Reviled did I live,” said I, “as evil I did deliver!”
Reward drawer.
Rise to vote sir.
Ron! OH! Sex in a Toyota nixes honor!
Rot a renegade, wed a generator.
“Rum… rum…” I murmur.
Salt an atlas.
Satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas!
See, slave, I demonstrate yet arts no medieval sees.
Selim’s tired – no wonder, it’s miles!
Semite times.
Semmes (a city in Alabama)
Senile felines.
Seven eves.
Sex at noon taxes.
Sex-aware era waxes.
Sir, I eye Iris.
Sir, I’m Iris.
Sit on a potato pan Otis!
Slap a ham on Omaha, pals.
Smart rams.
So, cat tacos!
So many dynamos!
Solo gigolos.
Some men interpret nine memos.
Soreya, say eros.
Stack cats.
Star comedy by Democrats.
Star? Come, Donna Melba, I’m an amiable man – no Democrats!
Star rats.
Stella won no wallets.
Step on no pets.
Step pals never even slap pets.
Steven, I left an oily lion at feline vets.
Stop on no pots.
Stop pots.
Strap on no parts.
Straw? No; too stupid a fad, I put soot on warts.
Stressed desserts
Stressed? No tips? Spit on desserts.
Stressed was I ere I saw desserts.
Stunt nuts.
Sums are not set as a test on Erasmus.
Swap God for a janitor; rot in a jar of dog paws.
T Eliot, top bard, notes putrid tang emanating, is sad. I’d assign it a name – gnat dirt upset on drab pot toilet.
Tahitti hat.
Tangy gnat.
Tarzan raised Desi Arnaz’ rat.
Tell a ballet.
Ten animals I slam in a net.
Test tube butt set.
Tide net safe soon; a noose fastened it.
“Tie Mandie,” I’d name it.
Tino dump mud on it.
Tips spill, lips spit.
Tis but a tub. Sit.
To idiot.
Tons I tore his kayaks – I, hero, ’tis not.
Tons o’ snot.
Too bad I hid a boot.
Too far, Edna, we wander afoot.
Too hot to hoot.
Top spot.
Top step’s pup’s pet spot.
Trays simple help, missy art!
Tsetse’s test.
Tube debut.
Tulsa night life: filth, gin, a slut.
Tumut (a city in Austrailia)
Tuna nut.
Tuna roll or a nut?
UFO tofu.
Walmart’s tram law.
Wanna tan? Naw.
Ward Draw (a city in South Dakota)
Warsaw was raw.
Was it a bar or a bat I saw?
Was it a bat I saw?
Was it a car or a cat I saw?
Was it a cat I saw?
Was it a rat I saw?
Was it Eliot’s toilet I saw?
Wassamassaw (a city in South Carolina)
Waste Pa, pet saw.
We few.
We panic in a pew.
We sew.
We sew, ewe sew.
Wet stew.
Wet sanitary rat in a stew.
Wo Nemo toss a lasso to me now!
Won kiosk. So, I know.
Won tons? Not now.
Won’t I panic in a pit now?
Won’t it now?
Won’t lovers revolt now?
Wonder if Sununu’s fired now.
Wonders in Italy, Latin is red now.
Wonton? Not now.
Ya, Decaf. FACE DAY!!
Ya! Pizza zip pizazz! I pay.
Yawn a more Roman way.
Yawn…Madonna fan? No damn way!!
Ye boil! I obey!
Yen o’ money.
Yo banana boy!
Yo, Bob, mug a gumbo boy!
Yo bozo boy!
Yo bro! Free beer for boy!
Yreka Bakery.
Zerimar Ramirez (an actual person’s name)
Zerorez (A carpet cleaning company)
Zeus was deified, saw Suez.


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